Microwave Ovens


ICEAGE high performance microwave oven are designed to allow for quick heating while also retaining the freshness of your food. The kitchen oven range gives high energy efficient performance, that helps you minimize energy consumption while ensuring quick and effective heating. With the best microwave oven price you can find online at ICEAGE introducing convection microwave oven and grill microwave oven.

With advancements in smart technology, and marked sleek designs, ICEAGE  gives you a chance to appreciate its broad range of microwave ovens. As compared to conventional full-sized ovens or stoves, ICEAGE’s energy-efficient and eco-friendly microwave ovens engage in far lesser energy consumption, thus providing you with convenience at the end of the month when your electricity bills turn in.


If you wish to heat frozen food impeccably and evenly, then catering to the Special Defrost Mode in our microwave ovens will be far more suitable than going for the regular heating mode. Regular heating tends to allow microwaves to cave into specific portions of frozen food due to the variability in their on-time and off-time ratios.

The specific thawed food proportions could be excessively heated, leading to runaway heating and thus, this owes to uneven heated food. The special defrost mode allows the microwaves to spread within the compartment evenly, and therefore, focus on each proportion of the food equally, thus providing you with adept reheated food without less expenditure of energy.


Since a microwave oven tends to indulge in radiations that can pose harm if it gets inexplicably hot while cooking or reheating food, our microwave ovens have been granted with balanced heating standards that ensure our customers’ safety and security with it optimum energy expenditure. In addition, our microwaves’ effective irradiation capability is quite enough to restore the freshness and taste of your food that was either frozen or thawed.


ICEAGE’s convection microwave ovens are far better than any other simple microwave ovens and with the right reasons. With ICEAGE’s convection microwave ovens, you can cook easily, carefully and comfortably as if you were cooking on a conventional full stove. Select from a range of given temperature units and alter whenever you wish to as per your cooking progress.