ICEAGE is proud to introduce its latest range of refrigerator with Glass Door Refrigerator and Double Door Refrigerator technology, where fresh food stays fresh for longer. Our extensive range of refrigerators have separate compartments for freezing and refrigeration providing exceptional-quality food storage capacity, and multiple options available in a large variety of sizes, colors and in both plain and stylishly printed surfaces. ICEAGE refrigerators are the perfect accessory for a modern home. With the best fridge for sale online and the most competitive refrigerator prices we bring you the best kitchen appliances.

Refrigerators have quite evolved since the start, provided with the latest smart technology running through the compressors. We at ICEAGE seek to provide you with sleek single-door and even, twin-door refrigerators that are sure to protect the freshness of your food through their inexplicable features.


In order to protect your food from germs and viable bacteria, ICEAGE has equipped its refrigerator with an antibacterial door gasket which ensures to keep food fresh and hygienic for longer periods of time. The door handles of ICEAGE’s refrigerators have been especially coated with a protective anti-bacterial seal which prevents the bacteria to enter, thus preventing food from getting inflicted with germs. This anti-bacterial gasket is quite easy to wash as it is detachable and can be rinsed easily, thus preventing food from getting prematurely spoiled by bad odour and effluvia.


With the latest advancements in its manufacture, ICEAGE brings you the refrigerator that is equipped with a built-in-egg-shelf to hold and support eggs more conveniently and safely. Since eggs are a mainstay of a healthy breakfast, ICEAGE’s refrigerators come with humidifiers that can hold them on for longer periods of time.


ICEAGE has committed to go green by equipping its refrigerator with technologies that are benevolent for the environment and its customers alike. With its eco-friendly feature, ICEAGE’s refrigerators seek to assure you with confidence that no hazardous gases, mixtures or compounds such as CFCs have been administered to ensure freshness and optimum performance.


In addition to the eco-friendly feature of its refrigerators, ICEAGE also ensures to use minimal expenditure of energy for optimum cooling and equivocally high performance. ICEAGE’s refrigerators pose no threat to the environment with their latest energy-efficient feature, thus assuring a step further in the maintenance of health.


ICEAGE provides you a chance to upgrade your monotonous lifestyle with its exquisite refrigerator models that have been equipped with finesse and exemplary smart design. With more usable space, smart features and minimal chance of in-fridge humidity and germs, ICEAGE welcomes you to enjoy its fridge’s smart design and style as per your kitchen’s furnishings.


Apart from the fire hazards of ovens and stoves, a refrigerator too, can at times pose hazards to health in the form of bruises or other types of massive injuries due to pieces of broken glass. With ICEAGE’s refrigerators’ tempered glass feature in its doors and shelves, you get a chance to witness safety and security by minimizing threats to human health. Now, your children can easily have contact with the refrigerator’s tempered glass shelves without having to fear for any casualty.


Worried about the cooling and freshness of smaller portions of food or the parts of food that are buried deep in huge dishes, or perhaps worried about the freshness and cooling of food for longer periods of time in the face of sudden power outages? With ICEAGE’s high density insulation, allow yourself to be amazed as its eco-friendly turbo cooling guarantees food to be quickly optimized with freshness and enhanced coolness.


Have you ever seen water vapor condensing on a chilled glass of water? This remarkable feature is called ‘frosting’ or in other words, you can call condensed water vapor as frost. Imagine what frost could do to the space in a refrigerator or to the food which will be completely soggy when you microwave it. ICEAGE gives you a chance to enjoy frost-free refrigeration with the help of a timer, heating coils and temperature sensors.


From vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkins to beverages such as milk, and other delicacies, the optimum cooling temperature is said to range from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit as per health recommendations. In order to influence optimum cooling and freshness of food in terms of apt humidification, ICEAGE’s refrigerators come in-built with the establishment of temperature fixations which help you to keep the cooling of the refrigerator up to an optimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


ICEAGE’s refrigerators are equipped with large doors that enable you to store food comfortably by making use of the huge space. Store different products of food from your pantry easily in the shelves and trays by the large door as provided in ICEAGE’s refrigerators. Not only does ICEAGE give you a chance to marvel at the exemplary design and performance, it gives you a chance to commend its refrigerators’ usability and durability with pride as well.


ICEAGE has equipped its refrigerators with the latest top-of-the-chart Japanese technology that ensures optimal freshness for longer time intervals. Mastered in inverter technology, ICEAGE’s refrigerators are in no doubt, reputed to be the classified among the most reliable refrigerators as of date. The latest Japanese technology in ICEAGE’s refrigerators allows food to retain its freshness and coolness even in the presence of massive power shut-downs.


Gone were the days when you had to worry about rapid energy consumption or slow processes of freezing food. With ICEAGE’s brand new refrigerators, enjoy faster and rapid freezing with the assurance of the maintenance of freshness of food when it is defrosted. Get a chance to allow ICEAGE’s refrigerator to freeze your food at a much lower temperature than the usual to get the chore done faster and quicker.